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Wiring flow charts

Disclaimer : these basic flow charts are conceptual and are not suitable for isntallation purposes. Every installation needs to follow the actual wiring diagrams supplied with the heaters and controls purchased. All Infratech heaters and controls are only to be installed by a licensed electrician.

Flush mount installation

INFRATECH patio heaters can be built-in to provide unobtrusive heat by blending into your home décor.

The recessed frame also includes a 4-foot cable covered with a high-temperature metal sheath with ceramic connectors. The excess spinning must remain in the cavity.

All W-Series and WD-Series patio heaters can be flush-mounted in a flat ceiling with a minimum of 2"x 8" board thickness where units face straight down. The cavity to install the frame must be covered on all 5 sides with a 5/8 "non-combustible fire-resistant material for 1 hour. In the attic, the junction box must be installed outside the installation cavity (above or beside).

Recessed frames can be installed with exposed curbs, or covered with gypsum, stucco, or wood slats or the like. It is very important to leave the ventilation holes uncovered.

Please note that INFRATECH patio heaters can not be built into sloped or cathedral ceilings.

You will need a certified electric contractor to install your patio heaters and flush mount frames. The mounting holes on the frame edges must be drilled by the electrical contractor at installation.

Video: How to Flush Mount an INFRATECH W-Series WD-Series Heater?