Switches and regulators

From simple on/off switch to INF Input Regulators, INFRATECH offers an assortment of value controls, to help you enjoy efficient ease of use that’s compatible with any budget.  All assemblies are available in different configurations, including in-wall or surface mount options, with or without weatherproof covers whether installed in a protected area or exposed to rain or snow.

Simple ON/Off Switch

These controls are designed for use with SINGLE element heaters up to 4000 watts (20 amps)

Each heater must have its own Switch

These controls are available for 240V (208V available on special order)

Duplex stack switch

These controls are designed for use with DUAL element heaters up to 6000 watts (20 amps/Switch)

Ability to turn on and off each element independently, providing half power or full power

These controls are available for 240V (208V available on special order)

Inf input regulator

These controls are designed for use with single element heaters up to MAX 3000 watts (15 amps)

Each heater must have its own INF Input Regulator

These controls are availiable for 120V or 240V

INF controls gently cycles the heater on/off at regular intervals when not on full power

Stelpro SIRHC402-1

Stelpro Control with Timer

The SIRHC402 dimmer with timer can be used to control an infrared heater of up to 4000 watts.

Each heater must have its own Stelpro control.

This device is digital and should therefore be installed indoors, away from moisture.

This product is designed for installations with electrical current – with a resistive load – of a maximum of 16,7 A (2000 W @ 120 VAC, 3300 Q @ 208 VAC, and 4000 W @ 240 VAC).

Control Packages

Customize your climate – with Infratech’s three custom control options. Infratech offers the widest range of custom control options in our industry. When you specify an Infratech heating system, you can choose from a wide range of controls that offer the flexibility and functionality to best meet the needs of any residential or commercial property

  • The convenience to adjust heating intensity, optional timer functions, and maximize energy efficiency and ease of operation.
  • The ability to create multiple heating zones – with one or more heaters on each zone.
  • The Relay Panels are custom built – job specific to your project, with wiring diagrams provided.
  • Infratech is a UL 508 Listed Control Manufacturer. All our custom controls are assigned a UL Listed Number and are tested to align with our quality standards before leaving our factory.
  • Relay Panels requiring more than six relays are also available by special order. Please contact us at 1 (888) 248-8356 for details.
  • All controls and panels are covered by our three year warranty – best warranty in the industry.
Système analogue 2 Zones 2

Solid State Control Packages

Système domotique

Home Management Systems

Système universel 2

Universal Control Packages

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